nano ATO aqueous dispersion
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nano ATO aqueous dispersion

  • VK-G06W/VK-G06B
  • Jinghe
Product Description

our company uses nano technology in nanoATO, the problems of poor dispersion of nanoparticles, easy agglomeration and poor storage stability for a long time are solved, showing the nano-effect of uniform dispersion at the nano-scale. This series of nanoATOdispersion product is slurry, making nanoATOis close to the original particle size, which solves the problems that users are not easy to evenly disperse when using powder and have low use efficiency.


Application characteristics:

ATOhas electrical and optical properties.utilization of conductivity,is used as an antistatic agent in coatings, chemical fibers, polymer films and other fields.

ATOis better than other antistatic materials in terms of activity resistance, thermoplasticity, abrasion resistance, dispersibility, safety, etc.,such as graphite, surfactant, metal powder, etc.

ATOis a multifunctional conductive material, which has excellent characteristics such as high conductivity, light color transparency, weather resistance, radiation resistance, etc.

application areas:

for flat liquid crystal display (LCD), electronic luminous display (ELD), electronic color display (ECD);

transparent electrode for solar cells;

is used for thermal reflectors. The glass curtain wall of buildings plays a role of thermal shielding and saves energy;

formed on the glass windows of automobiles, trains, planes and other vehicles;

, it can be used in computer rooms, radar shielding protection areas and other fields that need to shield electromagnetic waves by making use of its attenuation to microwaves;

can be madeITindustry and anti-electron radiation fields.

packaging:1kg/bottle, 5kg/barrel, 25kg plastic barrel




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