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  • Is the product general or dangerous?

    General cargo
  • What is the maximum batch, annual output, and annual production capacity of the product?

    Annual output of 1000 tons of 5N high-purity aluminum oxide;
    A production line with an annual output of 1,000 tons of nano-titanium oxide;
    Annual production of 200 tons of high-activity nano-titanium dioxide;
    Annual production of 1,000 tons of nano aluminum oxide;
    Annual output of 800 tons of nano-magnesium oxide
    Annual output of 600 tons of nano zinc oxide
    Annual output of 1,000 tons of ultra-fine zirconium dioxide and its series products;
    Annual output of 3000 tons of nano-silica series products;
    An annual output of 200 tons of nano-inorganic antibacterial agents and its series products.
    Annual output of 200 tons of nano-cerium oxide
    Annual output of 200 tons of nano-yttrium oxide
  • What is the approximate annual sales of your company? Which countries are the products generally exported to, and which countries are the products exported?

    Annual sales of 500 million yuan, most of which are exported to Japan, South Korea, Russia and the United States, as well as Southeast Asian countries and Western European countries
  • How many employees are in your company, including R&D personnel?

    The total number of employees is 160, among which 35 are professional and technical personnel
  • Does your company accept audits or what are the conditions for accepting audits? Does your company have audit experience for foreign clients?

    You can visit the factory. Customers in Holland, Spain and Japan have visited, but the production workshop is currently not accepted due to technical protection
  • Is the level of the park where your company is located is national or provincial or other? Is this product a regular production or an order production?

    Municipal Development Zone
  • How long is your quotation valid for? What are your payment terms? Is it normal production now?

    20 days, 30% deposit, 70% after production is completed and paid before shipment
  • Can a TSE/BSE statement be provided (the raw materials are of non-animal origin)?

    Can provide
  • How many liters of your company's largest reactor? Is there an ISO certification, and if so, which ones?

    4 cubic meters, three ISO certifications, 9001, 14001, OHSMS
  • Does your company conduct maintenance in summer? About what time?

    Routine maintenance at the end of July


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