White Nano Zinc Oxide Nanoparticle for Lithium Battery
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White Nano Zinc Oxide Nanoparticle for Lithium Battery

  • VK-J30D
Product Description

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nano zinc oxide is a kindntype semiconductor with a band gap3.3-3.6eV, exciton binding energy at room temperature60meV, nano-zinc oxide has good luminous function at room temperature, and nano-zinc oxide also has photoconductivity and photocatalytic activity. It has good application prospects in nano-devices such as light emitting diodes, photodiodes, waveguide devices, gas sensors and photovoltaic cells. In addition, the preparation of nano-zinc oxide is simple.,raw materials are easily available,and the transport of electrons in nano-zinc oxide thin films is relatively easy, and its conduction band and dyeLOMOcloser,Therefore, nano-zinc oxide dye-sensitized thin film solar cells have great application potential.


product characteristics

1,This product has the characteristics of large specific surface area and multi-hole, which is helpful to adsorb more dyes and is applied to dye sensitized batteries.

2,"Nano Spear Made of Nano Zinc Oxide(nanospears)"nailed to the surface of the solar cell will expand its absorption spectrum and thus improve the efficiency of the solar cell.

3,alkaline manganese battery.,can inhibit the self-discharge of zinc negative electrode in electro-hydraulic. The more uniform the dispersion of nano-zinc oxide in electrolyte,is to control self-discharge.





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