White Nano Zinc Oxide Nanoparticle Powder 99.5% Used for Rubber
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White Nano Zinc Oxide Nanoparticle Powder 99.5% Used for Rubber

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Product Description

Cas No.: 1314-13-2

Appearance: White powder

Purity(%): 99.5

Particle Size(nm): 30

nano-zinc oxide is an inorganic active agent and vulcanization accelerator in rubber industry. Its application in rubber has the characteristics of fast vulcanization speed and high conversion rate into zinc sulfide. It can improve the smoothness, mechanical strength, temperature resistance and aging resistance of rubber products, especially wear resistance. Used in paints, inks, coatings, and plastics, it can improve the covering force and tinting power of the product, and can be used as a flux for emulsifying glazes in the ceramic industry.

catalyst. In addition to formaldehyde

Application scope:

1, vulcanized active agent in rubber industry, used in automobile tire, aircraft tire, industrial cable industry.

nano-zinc oxide is used in rubber, which can speed up vulcanization, improve thermal conductivity of vulcanized rubber and make vulcanization more thorough. Improve the performance of rubber. Used in rubber silicon, rain boots, rubber gloves and other labor protection products, can extend the service life of the products, and can improve their appearance and color, it is used in transparent or colored rubber products, with carbon black and other traditional active agents irreplaceable role.

2, paint, transparent rubber, latex and plastic industries can increase product strength, compactness, adhesion and smoothness.

3, textile materials, glass ceramic self-cleaning materials, dressings.

4, electronic industry and instrument industry, manufacturing electrical devices, radios, wireless fluorescent lamps, image recorders, variable resistor meters, phosphors.

5, used in functional fibers, textiles in products.





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