White Nano Zinc Oxide Isopropanol Ethanol Dispersion Liquid
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White Nano Zinc Oxide Isopropanol Ethanol Dispersion Liquid

  • VK-J30C
Product Description

CAS No.:


Appearance: Light yellow powder

content(%): 20-30%

Particle Size(nm):30

Dispersion medium: ethanol or isopropanol


1. Rubber tires: Nano zinc oxide dispersion is used in labor protection products such as rubber silicon, rain boots, rubber gloves, etc., which can prolong the service life of the products, improve their appearance and color, and can be used in transparent or colored rubber products. Nanometer zinc oxide dispersion is used in gas sealants, gaskets and other products, which also has good effects on improving the wear resistance and sealing effect of the product.

2. Paint, coating, adhesive: nano zinc oxide dispersion has better performance than general zinc oxide and can improve the mechanical properties of coatings.

3. Ceramics: Nano-zinc oxide dispersion reduces the sintering temperature of ceramic products and reduces energy consumption. The nano-ceramic material made of nano-particle zinc oxide has good toughness.

4. Chemical fiber textiles: It can improve the aging resistance of viscose fiber and synthetic fiber products and is used in the production of anti-ultraviolet fabrics, antibacterial fabrics, sunshade umbrellas and other products.

In addition, nano-zinc oxide dispersion has shown more and more broad application prospects in many fields such as sensors, capacitors, fluorescent materials, absorption materials, conductive materials, etc.

Dosage: Recommended1-5% can also be determined according to the customer's own application requirements.





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