Water-based Oil-based Rutile Titanium Dioxide Liquid for Sunscreen
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Water-based Oil-based Rutile Titanium Dioxide Liquid for Sunscreen

  • VK-T40BK / VK-T40SK
  • Jinghe
Product Description
CAS# :13463-67-7

ultraviolet ray is a kind of light wave that is harmful to human body in sunlight. Excessive exposure to ultraviolet rays will cause erythema and dark spots on the skin, aging the skin, and serious skin cancer. Nanometer titanium dioxide has been used as a sunscreen agent due to its refractive index and photoactivity.

uses nano-technology to disperse nano-titanium dioxide in the water phase and oil phase during the preparation process of nano-titanium dioxide (the oil phase is mainly fatty alcohol benzoate AB, isooctyl palmitate, and white oil), so that the nano-titanium dioxide is dispersed Close to the original particle size, it solves the problem that users are not easy to uniformly disperse when using the powder and have low use efficiency.

special nano titanium dioxide dispersion for cosmetics is completely transparent to visible light, has high absorption rate to UVA and UVB, is uniform and transparent after coating, and is suitable for various types of cosmetics such as sunscreen, skin care, makeup, etc.


product applications:

1, uniform dispersion and good transparency.

2. Hydrophilic and oleophilic products have good dispersibility in their respective dispersion systems.

3, strong weather resistance, suitable for sunscreen whitening system.

4. Good compatibility with other raw materials of cosmetics.

5and nano-titanium dioxide dispersion are suitable for cosmetic raw materials as sunscreen agents due to their small particle size and high activity.

Addition:2 to 6%





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