Rutile Titanium Dioxide Liquid for Textile
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Rutile Titanium Dioxide Liquid for Textile

  • VK-T31H
  • Jinghe
Product Description
CAS# :13463-67-7

Nano-titanium dioxide dispersion is a nano-dispersion process used by our company to disperse nano-titanium dioxide powder (5-30nm) in an aqueous medium to form a dispersed, homogenized and stabilized nano-titanium dioxide aqueous slurry. In addition to the characteristics of nano-titanium dioxide dispersion, nano-titanium dioxide dispersion has higher activity and easy addition. The nano-titanium dioxide dispersion plays the role of nano-materials.

product features:

1, mono-dispersed nanoparticles are distributed in the product.

2, has a large specific surface area, chemical binding adsorption, charged hydroxyl.

3, nano-titanium dioxide dispersion has good film-forming property, smooth and flat film-forming and high strength.

4. Anatase has strong photocatalytic effect.


product applications:

nano-titanium dioxide dispersion can make the nano-materials in the product exist in the state of a single nano-particle. Customers can use nano-materials to improve the performance of the product.

nano-titanium dioxide liquid has reached a completely monodisperse nano-state, so it is not the adsorption of ordinary powder materials after contacting the surface of other materials, but is integrated with chemical bonds, so it has extremely high stability and can improve water resistance. Washing, wear resistance, antibacterial and other properties,

textile application characteristics:

The fabric treated with the water-based slurry not only has the reflection effect on ultraviolet radiation, but also has the absorption performance, so it has the performance of heat prevention, heat insulation and cool touch, and is suitable for handling summer cool fabrics such as T-shirts, sportswear, training suits, etc. At the same time, it can also be used in the production of tents, umbrellas, summer women's clothing, field work clothes, training clothes, sportswear, curtain fabrics, advertising cloth, etc.

After treatment with the water-based slurry, the mechanical and thermal properties of the material are improved.

packing: 25kg / plastic barrel




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