Rutile Lipophilic Titanium Dioxide Nanoparticle for Rubber
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Rutile Lipophilic Titanium Dioxide Nanoparticle for Rubber

  • VK-T05
  • Jinghe
Product Description
CAS# :13463-67-7

This product is white fluffy powder. After organic surface modification, it has better dispersion in rubber.

, most nano-titanium dioxide particles in rubber aggregate size is less than 80nm, play a role in nanomaterials


product applications:

1,2.0% nano titanium dioxide (VK-T05) is added to the rubber.

2. Compared with unmodified rubber, silicone rubber added with nano-titanium dioxide (VK-T05) has the same energy and dose of proton irradiation, the surface color deepens and the degree of surface crack damage decreases. The mass loss rate increases, the heat resistance decreases and the degree of shrinkage and expansion rate decreases, showing anti-irradiation performance and improving the anti-aging performance of rubber.

3, nano-titanium dioxide (VK-T05 can improve the mechanical properties of rubber, tensile strength and tear strength are significantly improved, and the heat resistance of rubber is also improved. The swelling experiment showed that the swelling ratio of rubber decreased, and the gel mass fraction and crosslinking density increased after adding nanoparticles.

Addition:The recommended addition amount is 1-5%. Users can determine the addition amount through experiments according to different systems.




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