Propylene Glycol Silicon Dioxide Nano Silica Dispersions Liquid
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Propylene Glycol Silicon Dioxide Nano Silica Dispersions Liquid

  • VK-SP15E
  • Jinghe
Product Description

This product is a nano-silica propylene glycol dispersion made by our company using nanotechnology to disperse nano-silica powder into a solvent. The product is colorless and transparent, and is easily soluble in an oily system, preventing nano-silica The phenomenon of secondary agglomeration has good stability, and it also solves the user's problem of dispersion, saving processing costs for customers. Nano-silica propylene glycol transparent dispersion is a translucent liquid, which can meet the special requirements of transparent products. This product is used in coating, rubber, leather, plastic, printing, textile and other industries.


product features:

1,has good stability and is suitable for colorless oily systems.

2,can be evenly dispersed into the system without adding other dispersants, with good mutual solubility.

3,is used in rubber and plastic and can play a very good reinforcing role.

4,can play the role of matte on leather, the effect is obvious.

5,plays the role of suspension, rheology, enhancement, thixotropic, anti-aging, and improvement of friction resistance in coatings and inks.

6,can be directly added to the system, reducing the scattered process, thus reducing the processing cost.

Dosage:Recommended usage3-12%, customer




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