Nano Rutile Hydrophilic Titanium Dioxide Nanoparticle for Textile
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Nano Rutile Hydrophilic Titanium Dioxide Nanoparticle for Textile

  • VK-T06H/ VK-T06S
  • Jinghe
Product Description
CAS# :13463-67-7

nano-titanium dioxide (VK-T25F) is used in textile slurry to improve yarn by combining with starch.

comprehensive weaving performance, reduce the amount of PVA, short pulp cooking time, reduce the cost of pulp, improve the efficiency of sizing.

benefits, but also solve the PVA slurry is not easy to desizing, environmental pollution and many other problems. Nano titanium dioxide (VK-T25F)

is mainly used to replace PVA in yarn, which plays the role of sticking to hairy feathers, filling gaps, reducing warp breakage and lubricating.


product applications:

nano titanium dioxide (VK-T25F) is used in textile sizing procedures:

1. The original viscosity should be maintained in the slurry adjustment process.

2, the parameters of the sizing machine remain stable.

3, first disperse nano-titanium dioxide (VK-T25F) into 20% liquid (A).

4. Amount of nano-titanium dioxide powder: 0.5-2% of starch weight.

(the starch weight here = the original starch amount + the starch amount instead of PVA).

5, pure cotton sizing with the same amount of starch instead of PVA, other components remain unchanged.

6. Add a specified amount of water into the mixing barrel when adjusting slurry, and then shake up the liquid (A) slurry additive.

7. Add a specified amount of starch, stir at a medium speed for ten minutes before adding other raw materials.

8. Boiling the slurry at high temperature for 30 minutes under normal pressure or 20 minutes under high pressure.

Remarks: 32 yarns per barrel of slurry liquid (A) 2kg,

40yarn per barrel slurry liquid (A) 3kg,

60yarn retains 5kg of PVA, the other PVA is replaced by the same amount of starch, and the liquid (A) is 3.5kg.

If there is liquid polyacrylate slurry in the slurry formula, the nano additive should be added after the slurry is heated to 50 ℃.

Addition:900kgslurry +2 - 8kg liquid a





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