Nano Aluminum Oxide Powder Nanoparticles for Lithium Battery
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Nano Aluminum Oxide Powder Nanoparticles for Lithium Battery

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Product Description

Nano-alumina for lithium batteries is produced by our company according to the performance of the battery and battery materials through a special processing technology. It is a nano powder with small and uniform particle size, high purity and good surface performance. It is widely used in various lithium batteries. , Alkaline batteries, solar batteries, etc. and other batteries, improve the battery’s energy storage performance, and play a role in energy saving and environmental protection.


application areas:

1. Nano-alumina is used as the electrode coating of lithium battery, which can effectively play the role of heat insulation and insulation

2. Doping nano alumina aluminum into lithium cobalt oxide can form a solid solution, stabilize the crystal lattice, and improve the rate performance and cycle performance.

3. Coating lithium cobalt oxide with nano-alumina can improve thermal stability, improve cycle performance and overcharge resistance, inhibit oxygen generation and decomposition of LiPF6, avoid direct contact between LiCo02 and electrolyte, and reduce electrochemistry The specific capacity is lost, thereby increasing the electrochemical specific capacity of LiCoO2.

4. The doping of aluminum ions in nano-alumina can increase the voltage of the battery.

5. Nano-alumina is used to modify spinel lithium manganate materials to improve the cycle performance of the battery.




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