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Nano AZO

  • VK-J50L
  • Jinghe
Product Description

features: indoped Al2O3 in ZnO is abbreviated as AZO,

High temperature resistance, good conductivity, strong high temperature stability and good radiation protection performance;

This product is a relatively cheap, cost-effective, environmentally friendly transparent conductive material that can be toleratedthe high temperature of 1975 ℃, the conductivity can reach the limit of 6 × 104 Ω.cm by evaporation deposition, and the high temperature stability is also strong. It is considered as a nanomaterial with great development potential in the 21st century. Due to the related properties of ITO, this product can be used on transparent heat insulation film, transparent conductive film and various transparent electrodes in IT industry. Compared with ITO, it has the advantages of low price and so on.


product applications:

1. Used to make various transparent conductive antistatic coatings:

2. As a conductive film on a liquid crystal display; Application on touch display;

3. Anti-radiation line (EMI, RMI) of CRT; High light transmission protective mirror;

4. Switch-type transparent glass for energy conservation and privacy protection is also used in building buildings and car windows;

5. Applied to surface sensors; Anti-reflection film;

6. Conductive films for photoelectric components, such as solar cells, light-emitting diodes, and photoelectric crystals; organic light-emitting diode electrodes, etc.

packing specifications:20KG/barrel




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