High Purity Silicon Dioxide Nanoparticles Nano Powder for Epoxy Resin
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High Purity Silicon Dioxide Nanoparticles Nano Powder for Epoxy Resin

  • VK-SP30S
  • Jinghe
Product Description

nano-silica haselectronic and electrical properties, it can greatly improve the material performance. Wanjing nano silicaVK-SP30special epoxy resin coupling agent treatment( VK-SP30S),has better dispersion,can greatly improve the tensile strength, impact strength, elongation at break, thermal stability and other properties of epoxy resin.,to maintain transparency.

Nano-silica in Epoxy Resin:

1, heat resistance:Due to the large specific surface area of nano-silica particles, strong interfacial adhesion with epoxy matrix, absorption of a large amount of impact energy, and increase the rigidity of the matrix, nano-silica particles strengthen and toughen epoxy resin within a certain range, and at the same time improve the heat resistance of the material.

2, strengthening and toughening:Due to the addition of nano-silica particles, the impact strength, tensile strength, elongation at break and other properties of epoxy resin composites have been greatly improved in a certain range, which shows that nano-silica particles play a role in strengthening and toughening. It highlights the filling characteristics of nanoscale silica and greatly improves the material properties.



add the dried and dehydrated nano-silica to the solvent dissolved with the coupling agent under stirring., and then use grinding, high-speed shearing, ball milling, sanding, ultrasonic treatment for tens of minutes.In the stirring state, mix the above solution and epoxy resin evenly, remove the solvent, and raise the temperature130 ℃to react the coupling agent with the epoxy resin1 h. After cooling, stoichiometric curing agent is added, mixed evenly, evacuated and degassing, poured into a steel mold coated with a release agent and preheated, and cooled and removed the film after temperature programmed curing.


The recommended addition amount is the mass ratio of epoxy resin to nano-silica100:5, customers can also choose the appropriate addition ratio according to their actual situation.

Nanometer Silica:

Due to the small size, high surface activity and easy agglomeration of nanoparticles, they lose their due role in strengthening and toughening polymers. Therefore, when preparing nanoparticles filled composites, nanoparticles should be fully dispersed.milling, high-speed shearing, ball milling, sanding, ultrasonic, etc.treatment will contribute to the dispersion of nanoparticles in the resin.

Due to the high surface energy and strong adsorption of nanoparticles, they are easy to accumulate.,is difficult to disperse evenly and stably, so we usegrinding, high-speed shearing, ball milling, sanding, ultrasonic and other methodsand coupling agent treatment promote uniform dispersion of nano-silica in epoxy resin.

According to the monolayer theory of coupling agent action, the particle size decreases, the amount of coupling agent increases, and the mass ratio of silane coupling agent to nano-silica is taken.5/100.


Storage method:nano-silica should be stored in a dry and closed environment and not exposed to volatile substances.




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