High Purity Silicon Dioxide Nanoparticles Nano Powder for Coatings
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High Purity Silicon Dioxide Nanoparticles Nano Powder for Coatings

  • VK-SP30T
  • Jinghe
Product Description

nano-silica to the coating can improve the scrubbing resistance, strength, hardness, etc. Add a small amount of Wanjing nano-silica to the paint (VK-SP30T),Coatingsincreased more, drying time is greatly reduced,and the problems of poor suspension stability, poor thixotropy and low finish of raw materials have also been well solved. Add Wanjing nano-silica (VK-SP30T) also significantly improved the opening effect of the paint.,coating is not layered, anti-sagging, and has good workability.,anti-fouling is greatly improved,and has excellent self-cleaning and adhesion.


Nano-silica (VK-SP30T) in Coatings:

1,scrub resistance:scrub resistance increased to tens of thousands of times

2,:Add a certain amount of Wanjing nano-silica (VK-SP30T) can significantly improve the anti-ultraviolet aging performance of traditional coating products.

3,stain resistance and self-cleaning:research shows that the stain resistance and self-cleaning of the coating film can be improved through the following ways. One is to use the microporous structure of nano-silicon oxide to form a nano-scale geometric shape on the surface of the coating film.(such as convex and concave)interface structure makes it absorb air to form a stable gas barrier film on the surface; the second is to treat the surface of the nano-silica particles to make the surface appear amphiphilic or amphiphobic, which effectively improves the effect of rainwater on the construction coating The wetting of the surface of the coating film and the adhesion of dust improve the stain resistance and self-cleaning ability of the coating film.

4,hydrophobic corrosion resistance:Wanjing Nano-silica (VK-SP30T)hydrophobic anti-corrosion coating not only has good adhesion and corrosion resistance, but also has compactness and ion-resistant permeability.

5,transparency:Wanjing Nano-silica (VK-SP30T) can ensure the transparency of nano-modified coatings.utilizationWanjing Nano-silica (VK-SP30T)can produce high wear-resistant transparent coating, making its wear resistance higher than the original.

6,hardness:when Wanjing nano-silica (VK-SP30T) When the particles are uniform in the organic material and the individual particles are dispersed, the nanoparticles, like a rigid chain, enhance the organic material, thereby improving the film hardness of the UV-curable coating.

7,thermal stability:in UV curable coatings,Wanjing Nanometer Silicacan increase the glass transition temperature of the coating film.

8,viscosity:Wanjing Nano-silica (VK-SP30T) can improve the viscosity of the coating


has been proved by practice to add to the paint.2%Wanjing Nano-silica (VK-SP30T), the hardness, adhesion and weather resistance of the coating,, viscosity, anti-settling ability and stability of the coating are better. The recommended dosage is0.5-2%, individual product systems can reach10%above, depending on the actual situation.


nano-silica can use a variety of methods, such as milling, high-speed shearing, ball milling, sanding, ultrasonic dispersion, etc., of which the first two methods are used more. Nano-silica is added to the coating, and its dispersion step is divided into one-step and two-step methods.

one-step methodrefers to the addition of nano-silica to the product raw material system to directly obtain the required certain content of the product, the one-step method is characterized by simple production process, more suitable for large quantities, single product production.

two-step methodis to first disperse nano-silica in a higher proportion to the raw materials to make the masterbatch, and then add the raw materials to dilute to a certain proportion. The two-step method is characterized by the high viscosity of the system, the large shear force during dispersion, and the good dispersion of nano-silica, which is suitable for multi-variety production. At present, the dispersion method used by domestic enterprises with better product quality mainly adopts one-step high-speed shear dispersion, which can basically meet the needs of users.




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