High Purity Magnesium Oxide Nanoparticles Used in Lithium Batteries
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High Purity Magnesium Oxide Nanoparticles Used in Lithium Batteries

  • VK-Mg30D
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Product Description
CAS number: 1309-48-4

nano-magnesium oxide is a new type of nano-particle material with white powder appearance, high purity, large specific surface area, good dispersibility, and relative density.3.58(25 ℃). Melting point2852 ℃, boiling point3600 ℃.is hardly soluble in water, insoluble in alcohol, soluble in acid or ammonium salt solution. Nanoscale magnesium oxide has small size effect, surface effect, quantum size effect and macro tunnel effect. After modification treatment, there is no agglomeration phenomenon. It has many functions and important application value in optics, catalysis, magnetism, mechanics, chemical industry, etc. The prospect is very broad.


in Lithium Batteries
1.in Lithium Batteries
adding an appropriate amount of nano-magnesium oxide to the cathode material of lithium ion battery, the resulting cathode material has a largerreversible discharge capacity and good cycle performance. Use in cathode materials can improve conductivity, the recommended addition amount0.3-0.5%.
2.Zinc-Nickel Battery
Magnesium oxide is doped into the zinc anode active material by physical mixing method, which can reduce charge-discharge polarization, reduce internal resistance at the later stage of the cycle, improve the utilization rate of negative plate active material, and prolong the cycle life of the battery. The appropriate addition amount is about 1.0% wt.
3.High Zinc Chloride Battery
Adding a small amount of magnesium oxide to the positive electrode active material can adjust the electro-hydraulic acidity, slow down the self-discharge, inhibit the gas expansion of the battery, improve the storage performance, and have unique effects on improving the discharge capacity and promoting the paste layer gelatinization. The recommended addition amount is 0.5-1%.
4.Cadmium-Nickel Battery
Adding appropriate amount of magnesium oxide, zinc oxide and iron oxide to cadmium electrode can improve the utilization rate of active substances. Adding magnesium oxide, indium trioxide and zinc oxide can improve the charge retention capacity of sealed cadmium-nickel batteries.
packaging:15kg per bag, plastic inside and plastic outside.




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