3Y 5Y 8Y Nano Zirconia Granulation Powder
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3Y 5Y 8Y Nano Zirconia Granulation Powder

  • VK-R50Y3R/VK-R50Y5R/VK-R50Y8R
  • Jinghe
Product Description

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zirconia granulation powder series products,yttrium stabilized zirconia granulation powder YSZare zirconia powder particles formed by spray drying granulation process, the diameter after granulationis about 50um, and its primary particle size is about50nm. The yttrium stabilized zirconia powder produced by the company through chemical methods ensures the balanced dispersion of yttrium oxide, and strict quality control ensures the stable quality of each batch of products. After the yttrium stabilized zirconia airflow powder is granulated, the powder flows smoothly and is easy to use. Ceramics made of zirconia granulated powder are called ductile ceramics because of their stress-induced phase change toughening properties. They have good mechanical properties and the surface of the products produced is smooth and clean.is now used in various fields.

3 mo1yttria-stabilized tetragonal zirconia granulation powder is currently a widely used material.3 mo1yttrium stabilized zirconia granulation powder is suitable for mechanical pressing and isostatic pressing.

8 mo1Yttrium stabilized zirconia granulation powder is a cubic zirconia sintered body with ionic conductivity, suitable for oxygen sensors and solid oxide fuel cells.


packaging:25kg per barrel




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