30nm Monoclinic Zirconium Dioxide Nanoparticle Used for Battery
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30nm Monoclinic Zirconium Dioxide Nanoparticle Used for Battery

  • VK-R30D
  • Jinghe
Product Description

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product introduction

battery has fine particle size and uniform particle size distribution. Using the conductive properties of this product doped with different elements, it is used for electrode manufacturing in solid batteries.

nano zirconia battery is composed of solid zirconia electrolyte (most of which are yttrium stabilized zirconia powder, YSZ for short) and two platinum electrodes. Yttrium stabilized nano zirconia powder has been applied in the field of solid oxide fuel cells as an electrolyte due to its high oxygen ion conductivity and stability in redox atmosphere. It has market application prospect and commercial value


Application characteristics:

1. Nano zirconia (YSZ) for batteries is widely used in the manufacture of solid oxide fuel cells (SOFC), oxygen sensors and microelectronic devices.

2. The battery-specific nano-zirconia has oxygen ion conductivity, mechanical properties and good oxidation-reduction stability under high temperature conditions.

3. Nano zirconia special for batteries can also produce active element effect after covering or dispersing on the surface of the alloy, which can improve the high temperature oxidation resistance of the alloy and greatly improve the adhesion of the oxide film.

4. As an electrolyte, battery-specific as an electrolyte has been applied to solid oxide fuel cells. It is used to transfer oxygen ions generated by the reaction. At a high temperature of 800~1000 degrees Celsius, the ions can permeate ceramic materials.

5. Nanometer zirconia is a widely used electrolyte material at present. The stability of YSZ structure and performance is more important to the reliability of solid oxide fuel cell system.

6. The zirconia concentration battery-type oxygen detector made of nano zirconia special for batteries can prolong the service life of the product, improve accuracy and reduce maintenance.


packing: 15kg per barrel




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