25% Silicon Dioxide Nano Silica Aqueous Solution
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25% Silicon Dioxide Nano Silica Aqueous Solution

  • VK-S01A/VK-S01N/VK-S01B
  • Jinghe
Product Description

CAS number: 7631-86-9,

chemical formula: SiO2,

The nano-silica aqueous solution produced by our company is acidic, neutral and alkaline. 

features: uniform particle size distribution and good stability. It has large specific surface area and adsorption, good adhesion and good high temperature resistance, water resistance, abrasion resistance, etc.

 : coatings, textiles, refractory materials, ceramics, catalyst carriers, electronics, surface treatment, papermaking, polishing and grinding, agricultural fertilizers and other fields.


Application description:


1. nano-silica aqueous solution has high activity and good permeability, and can act on the edge zone that cannot be used in metal surface treatment processes such as electroplating, fill the positions of ultra-fine pores, etc., play a role in anti-corrosion and improve salt spray resistance.


2. refractory binder: high-temperature refractory bricks and silicate refractory fibers made of nano-silica aqueous solution as binder are both thermal insulation materials for high-temperature industrial furnaces. It has the advantages of high demoulding strength, stable volume at high temperature and good thermal shock resistance.



3. textile treatment agent: The textile industry uses nano-silica liquid and crude oil to treat wool, which can improve the spinnability of wool, reduce broken ends, prevent flying flowers, and increase the yield; used in the slurry on light yarn, It can improve the adhesion of the slurry, and it is easy to drop the slurry, shorten the drying time, etc.; nano-silica liquid can also be widely used in various fabric treatment agents, various textiles and knitwear, whether it is nylon, viscose fiber, acetate fiber, polyester, polypropylene and other fabrics, after treatment, all have the advantages of extinction, non-slip, wear resistance, anti-static and so on.


4. catalyst: using the large specific surface and activity of nano-silica liquid, it can be used as a catalyst carrier.


5. is used for ceramic fiber fireproof board. Its color quality is fresh, it has good stability, thermal shock resistance, heat flow erosion resistance, excellent performance, high mechanical strength, excellent elasticity, etc.


6. can be used as dispersant, polishing agent, carbon products, chemical fiber decoration products and reinforced foam rubber.


7. coatings: Nano-silica liquid can be used for wear resistance and hardening of coatings.


packing: 25kg/barrel




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