20% Ethanol Silicon Dioxide Nano Silica Dispersions Liquid
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20% Ethanol Silicon Dioxide Nano Silica Dispersions Liquid

  • VK-SP15C
  • Jinghe
Product Description

nano-silica has no pollution, small particle size, large specific surface area, unsaturated bonds on the surface and hydroxyl groups in different bonding states are added to many materials, which will change the performance of the original material. Therefore, it has a good application prospect in the industrial field.


Recommended usage

Due to the wide application range of this product series, the addition amount to different systems varies greatly. From0.5 ~ 20%varies. The specific amount of addition is determined by the user through experiments.

1. Application in coatings: Nano-silica has been widely used in various coatings. It can prevent caking and sagging. It can also provide emulsifier, fluidization, extinction, support, suspension, thickening, thixotropic agent, etc.

2. Application in adhesives and sealants. Mainly provide the following functions: thickening, thixotropic and fluidity control, increase adhesive strength, improve temperature resistance, ensure free flow, prevent agglomeration, maintain transparency, anti-sagging, reinforcement, shear resistance, etc.

3. As a reinforcing agent in rubber.

4. Application in plastics. Because nano-silica has the special functions of thickening, thixotropic and suspension in liquid state, adding polyester resin, epoxy resin and vinyl resin can improve product quality and facilitate molding and processing.

5. Application in medicine and pesticides. Nano-silica can be used for various pharmaceutical fillers, thickening, suspension, and carrier.

6. Application in lubricants.

7, used for stealth paint, armor composite materials.

8. Used for special catalyst carriers.

9, used in agricultural seed treatment agent, can shorten the maturity period and increase yield.

packing: 20kg/barrel




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