20% Alkaline Nano Aluminum Oxide Sol
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20% Alkaline Nano Aluminum Oxide Sol

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Product Description

Product Description:

Our company uses high-purity aluminum as raw material, and has developed an alumina liquid with a PH value of 3-5 and a particle size of 10-15 nanometers, which is positively charged.



The nano-alumina liquid has the characteristics of adhesion, easy dispersion, suspension, positive charge, adsorption, stability, etc,

can be widely used in petrochemical catalysts, aluminum silicate fibers and ceramics and other high-temperature resistant materials, forming binders for refractory materials, additives for ceramic enamel glazes, antistatic agents for texturing and electrostatic weaving flocking, film forming agents and antistatic agents for textile and fiber processing, emulsifiers for alumina castings, pigments and coatings,paper surface treatment agent can also be used in inorganic fiber, activated alumina, high purity alumina, enamel, daily necessities, papermaking and other industries.

1., aluminum sol can be used as an adhesive for inorganic fibers such as glass fiber, asbestos, ceramic fiber, etc., and can be formed into any shape by utilizing the adhesion, film-forming property and wear resistance of aluminum sol.

2.aluminum sol and silicic acid gel fiber.

3.aluminum sol is mixed with refractory powder or inorganic fiber to make heat-resistant coating material, cast refractory material and spraying material with any viscosity.

4.to the manufacture of ceramic appliances will not reduce the new fire resistance of raw materials, but also increase the strength of green bodies, and can be made into various ceramic products.

5.textile fiber, it can increase smoothness, improve impact resistance and wear resistance.

6.can be used in the paper industry to improve the smoothness, whiteness and humidity resistance of paper, and can also be used as a surface treatment adhesive for processed paper.

7.can be used as cationic emulsifier

8.can be used to prepare catalyst supports or molecular sieves

9.paper ink absorbent

packing: 25kg/barrel




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